Food Retail in Moscow Business Atlas

  • electronic and print versions
  • Russian and English

Food retail in Moscow Business Atlas is the third atlas in this business atlas series. The atlas is offered in electronic and print versions. Electronic atlas has much more capabilities and represents a mini-GIS system The atlas is based on primary and secondary data collected and analyzed by the company since 2003. It provides quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the area and information on spatial distribution of consumers and retailers. This business atlas can help to assess geographic distribution of food retail market players, evaluate the current competitive landscape, identify opportunities, conduct a thorough investigation of commercial real estate development, city infrastructure and transportation network. It can be used to plan and elaborate detailed and in-depth geomarketing studies in order to find opportunities for market penetration, network expansion, potential merger or acquisition.

The atlas includes the following maps:

  • Population by districts in 2008, Dynamics of population for 5 years
  • New areas. Houses built in last 5 years
  • The number of adult active population by districts of the city
  • Number of households by municipalities
  • Average monthly gross wages and salaries for districts
  • The average vehicle traffic on the major streets and highways
  • Motorists. Attraction model
  • Food hypermarkets: size of store, parking lot space.
  • Density of hypermarkets
  • Trade areas of food hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Driving time zones to food hypermarkets
  • Retail trade and entertainment complexes. Grocery tenants
  • Pedestrian access to main supermarkets and discounters.
  • and more.

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