Geomarketing Research and Consulting

Geomarketing integrates accurate and readily usable geographical intelligence into the entire spectrum of the marketing discipline. Geomarketing employs research methodologies that use geographic parameters including sampling, data collection and analysis.  The core of Geomarketing is the digital map it creates.  Geomarketing creates an accurate visual presentation that is up-to-date and easy to understand. Geomarketing gives critical desicion-making information when routing, territorial planning, distribution and sales are key factors for site selection and regional location placement.

Geomarketing uses geo-location (geographic information) metrics analysis in the process of marketing research and planning and the implementation of marketing activities. It can be helpful for analyizing any part of the marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion, or Placement (geotargeting). Market segments can also be correlated with location which is useful for target marketing.

Geomarketing has a direct impact on the development of modern trade and the reorganization of retail types. Site selection becomes automated and based on scientific procedures that saves both time and money. Geomarketing uses key facts, a good base map, proper data layers, reliable consumer profiling, and proper success/fail criteria.

Geomarketing analysis provides answers on the WHERE questions.

  • Where do target clients reside, work, commute?
  • Where are competitor’s premises located?
  • What areas do competitor’s premises cover?
  • What market areas are undeserved/over served?
  • What market areas have the highest potential today and in future?
  • Where should new operations be located?

Thorough geomarketing analysis helps both commercial companies and public organizations identify existing opportunities and achieve the highest location value. The Center for Spatial Research provides a variety of geomarketing research and analysis services in Russia including:

  • Site selection analysis
  • Outlet network planning and optimization
  • Outlet positioning and promotion
  • Trade area analysis
  • Customer segmentation (Geodemographics)
  • Revenue and turnover forecast and analysis
  • Optimization of the outlet product range
  • Local market research
  • Competitive landscape
  • and more

Based on a thorough geomarketing analysis clients are able to plan and perform marketing strategies efficiently and often below budget.

So, if you have ever wondered if there was a better way to choose where to put a new branch office or store, don’t simply depend on the services of a realtor. There is a much more accurate and scientific way to make those decisions.

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