Food Retail in St. Petersburg Business Atlas

  • electronic and print versions
  • Russian and English

Food Retail in Saint-Petersburg Business Atlas developed by the Center for Spatial Research is based on primary and secondary data collected and analyzed by the company since 2003. This set of maps represents the rich source of information essential for the efficient site selection, business analysis, investment decision support, retail format change and identification of reasons of poor store performance.

The atlas includes the following maps:

  • Population by districts in 2008, Dynamics of population for 5 years
  • New areas. Houses built in 2003-2008
  • The number of adult active population by districts of the city, in 2008
  • Number of households by municipalities
  • Wealth factors. Ownership of standard class foreign cars and business class foreign cars
  • Average monthly gross wages and salaries by districts
  • The average vehicle traffic on the major streets and highways
  • Food hypermarkets: store size, parking lot space. Density hypermarkets
  • Trade areas of food hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Driving time zones to food hypermarkets
  • Retail trade and entertainment complexes. Grocery tenants
  • Major supermarket chains. Density of supermarkets
  • Basic networking discounters. Density of discounters
  • Pedestrian access to the main supermarkets and discounters.
  • and more.

Business atlas contains more than 30 maps and charts and focused primarily on investors, executives, managers, marketing analysts, appraisers and specialists of research departments.

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