Types of projects and solved problems

The Center for Spatial Research continues to provide professional geomarketing services on the basis of accumulated experience and knowledge, using geodata collected since 2003, developed methods of geomarketing analysis and tools of geoinformation systems (GIS) and web-services. Services are provided for:

1.Retail trade industry in companies of any size to solve strategic, tactical and day-to-day aims:

  • City selection for priority expansion,
  • Location selection for planning a shop or entire chain,
  • Selection of a size and other characteristics of particular place, or a place for particular format,
  • Expansion of the chain, evaluation of new places from the point of view of consumer, competition, and infrastructure,
  • Spatial benchmarking, taking into account the competition in the trade zones,
  • Planning of advertising campaigns (taking into account the spatial components),
  • Expansion of sales zones and impact on the market,
  • Adjustment of assortment policy in existing stores,
  • and others.

2.Industries of development and construction of shopping centers, malls, multifunctional and residential complexes for solving of the following problems:

  • The optimal allocation of tenants in the projected shopping (and entertainment) center or residential complex;
  • The environment analysis from the point of view of consumers and the forecast by the construction time;
  • Estimation of the future mall visitors;
  • Strengthening the local positions of existing shopping center or multifunctional complex including scheduling shuttles and planning stops;
  • Reconception of shopping center or multifunctional complex.

The Center for Spatial Research conducts detailed investigations and implements innovative techniques into organizations practice to solve strategic and operational problems. Geomarketing investigation techniques has already become a standard in the development of business plans, expansion strategies of trade chains. They are taken into consideration in the shopping center concepts and in the evaluation of investment attractiveness of the territories. Geomarketing systems and geodata is actively used in the operational work of marketing departments, development departments, analytical departments of retail chains and developer companies in Russia. Our standards and innovations are aimed primarily at business development in metropolitan areas, million cities and cities with population of over 100 000 people in all regions of Russia, as well as at some of the CIS markets.