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Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear MAPIC  delegates!

As the economic recession proceeds and the market competition is getting tougher the retail sector increasingly needs good research. The optimum approach to the existing network and the most accurate estimate of the location for retail sector expansion into new cities is essential. Currently Russia has an image of a rather respectable and stable country for investment in retail and shopping centers. The potential is enormous not only in big cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and 11 cities with a population of over 1 mln people, where regional authorities are becoming more loyal and the markets are getting more and more competitive.

At present the detailed geomarketing research has globally proved to be efficient in reducing the investment risks of certain property at a particular location of a particular city. Marketing and development experts cannot imagine different approaches and tools independent of the human factor, except for geomarketing research and, consequently, GIS software to perform them.

The detailed geomarketing research of the Russian cities often lacks data on consumers, competitors, which are available in other countries. Thus, in our opinion, it seems quite interesting to involve simulation procedure of consumer behavior within urban space, forecasting methods for economic performance of a store at a specific location, evaluation approaches to assessing the environment of a plot for the prospected shopping center, site evaluation methodology for a certain concept and development of proposals (recommendations) for acquisition of a network for targeted optimization in a particular city. The experts of the Center for Spatial Research have achieved much for 8 years in the Russian and Western Europeans retail sector in over 40 Russian cities: conducted extensive field research, collected exact details for the population databases, invented approaches to assess the solvency of population in cities despite the lack of access to reliable information in the government statistics bodies, created new models of trade area structures (catchments area), which can be applied in the Russian cities and do not correspond to other countries.

At MAPIC we would like to present our experience in performance of over 50 detailed geomarketing research projects, implementation of geomarketing research tools in more than 40 Russian cities since 2003 for different retail market objects (groceries, banks, pharmacies, DIY, fitness centers, fast food restaurants, etc.), different formats for different population groups for such companies as REAL, WalMart, World Class, Leroy Merlin, KESKO, PRIZMA, Sberbank Russia, Home Credit Bank and many others involved in the development of shopping centers (Adamant, SRV-development, etc.). We are pleased to mention that 70% of our customers are companies with Western European stock that understand the advantages of the “Center for Spatial Research” and that it has acquired expertise working in the narrow market of geomarketing services, being independent from brokerage and realtor agencies and has the capacity to offer the most considering the modern requirements for the output. It encompasses detailed geodata in GIS-format, reports on geomarketing research, as well as web-based access to geodata for faster opening of a shop in a particular place or environment analysis of the Russian cities, software on geomarketing research in the Russian cities, as well we the development of math models of forecasting the revenue for a particular location.

We will be glad to see experts from retail companies, investors, developers wishing to plan their activities efficiently and approach in more detail the issue of minimizing the investment risk in the course of business development in Russia.

We will be glad to meet the companies that could represent our interests in Europe, America and Asia! Welcome on Thursday, November 17 to Angora Hall at 5 pm for the seminar The detailed geomarketing researches for effective expansion of Retail in Russia”. Our experts are always available at the PODs booth (# 01), as well as at the Russian breakfast event (17/11/2011)Meet you there and have a lot of new business contacts at MAPIC! Visit our web-site at

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