Geomarketing Report: Investment Climate of the Moscow Oblast Region

October 06, 2010  |   News   |     |   0 Comment

The Center for Spatial Research with the support of the media partner RBC ( has released a geomarketing research report for the Moscow Oblast Region called “Investment Climate of the Moscow Oblast Region. Geomarketing Research of Area Attractiveness”.

One of the companies which has purchased the report is a large Finnish development company planning to enter the Russian market. Applying information provided in the report, the company can conduct geomarketing analysis and assess attractiveness of cities and territories of the Moscow Oblast region. The report contains the following information:

  • Major cities of the Moscow Oblast region: population and socio-demographic characteristics;
  • Development of transportation infrastructure of the Moscow Oblast Region,
  • Shopping attractiveness ratings of the major regional highways based on 6 geomarketing factors
  • Statistics on retail trade and catering, the development of service sector
  • Employment and unemployment rates
  • Construction data and cost rates
  • Population incomes and expenditures
  • Regional investment: fixed capital and foreign investments.

The objective of this report was to compile a complete set of geomarketing information on the Moscow Oblast Region for companies planning to investment in commercial real estate.

For more information on report go to RBC website.

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