Recently Completed Project: Geomarketing Analysis of the Shopping Mall Trade Area.

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Center for Spatial Research (CSR) has conducted a geomarketing analysis of the shopping mall trade area for a large Finnish company operating in the field of commercial real estate development in Russia.

The purpose of this study was to assess drive-time and walk-time areas in order to calculate the number of visitors, the level of purchasing power and the future revenue of the shopping mall located in St. Petersburg.

The groups of factors in the drive-time and walk-time areas which influence the mall operations were assessed:

1. Population:

  • population in the drive-time and walk-time areas
  • mall accessibility
  • population density
  • age groups (segmentation by age)
  • indicators of household wealth

    2. Business activity:

    • number of employees in business centers
    • distribution of business centers
    • density of business centers

    3. Traffic:

    • average daily vehicle traffic
    • analysis of traffic jams

    4. Territory development:

    • St. Petersburg General Plan zoning changes
    • investment projects
    • transportation infrastructure
    • houses under construction
    • new planned business centers
    • number of employees in the immediate area change

    In order to implement the project CSR specialists applied the the following research methods and tools:

    • GIS tools for geocoding, drive-time areas analysis, density  assessment
    • Comparison of different databases
    • Data validation “in field”
    • Data obtained in previous research

    As the result CSR provided the client with a final report which included

    • Set of maps
    • Tables with evaluated data
    • Location pros and cons summary

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      • rustarazo

        December 27th, 2011 on 1:54 pm

        We are interested in your work about shopping centres and other demographic information about moscow and oblast.
        please, send us more info like cost, caractheristics, timing, etc.

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