Russian Postal Codes Boundary Files and Data

August 26, 2010  |   News   |     |   0 Comment

The Center for Spatial Research is glad to announce that it has developed the methodology of creating boundary files of postal codes in Russia. Previously the company has created the database of all postal codes in Russia which includes the number of postal code, name of the city or settlement located in postal code  and geographic coordinates of postal code’s center point.

Example of the code stamp used in the Soviet Union and Russia. The image shows how the postal codes are written on Russian envelopes. The upper image shows the field with 9-segment outline for each digit of the 6-digit postal code. It is located in the left bottom corner of the envelope. The other image shows the model according to which the digits should be written (this sample is printed on the back of the envelope).

Today the Center for Spatial Research is able to provide boundary files of the Russian postal codes being the one of first companies in the market who can deliver this important geographical information. It is necessary to say that even Post Service of Russia is not providing this kind of geodata.

TToday the importance of postal code geodata is hard to overestimate when large retail, banking and insurance companies are constantly collecting the information on consumers for CRM and marketing purposes. Postal codes allow to aggregate, segment and clusterize consumers. They allow to visualize sales, define potential territories, assess trade areas and much more.

Moreover the Center for Spatial Research is also able to offer a number of variables (depending on the region) based on postal codes including population counts, factors of wealth, number of retail outlets, provision of retail space and more.

For more information on Russian postal codes please contact the Center for Spatial Research.