Geotargeting in retail

July 07, 2010  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Grocery Shopping Network is pleased to announce the release of their second and newest digital advertising network, GSN OutReach; which combines national reach, neighborhood optimization, and true purchase behavior to allow retailers and brands to target based on their goals. GSN OutReach has an ad network reach potential of 110 million grocery shoppers across the USA.

“CPG brands and grocery retailers now have access to a powerful new way to advertise online. GSN OutReach delivers brands and retailers an effective vehicle to reach their super-targeted audience that guarantees an effective ROI,” said Andy Robinson, CEO Grocery Shopping Network. “At GSN we’re unlocking our expertise in reaching power grocery shoppers anywhere in the purchase process – GSN OutReach clients will reach their most valuable shoppers with online display advertising that combines neighborhood level geo-targeting with lifestyle, demographic, psychographic and offline sales data intelligence.” Read more on Visibility Magazine and

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