St.Petersburg Business Atlas in English

July 04, 2010  |   Introduction,News   |     |   0 Comment
The Center for Spatial Research has released the new business atlas «Food Retail in Saint-Petersburg» in English. The data collected through telephone interviews, field research, databases’ analysis and from official statistics sources is presented in map format. The atlas includes the number of unique thematic maps such as:
  • Density of imported car owners (by car value class)
  • Number of population by age groups
  • Average daily traffic flow (collected and calculated by CSR)
The atlas provides information not only about hypermarkets but also about supermarkets and discounters. This business atlas represents a unique analytical tool for the quick area assessment and territory planning due to the inclusion of the following maps:
  • Provision of supermarkets and discounters per capita by municipal districts
  • Drive time zones for hypermarkets
  • Population number dynamics during 5 years
  • New city districts development. New houses density
CSR is also releasing another business atlas in English which is called “Food Retail in Moscow”.  The atlas will be offered in print and electronic versions.

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