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Geointellect is an analytical geomarketing web-based software, giving business users the opportunity to perform geomarketing analysis of major Russian cities. It is a unique on-line GIS product for the Russian market. is an on-line tool for evaluation of a territory, calculation of population of cities in Russia directly from the office.

Choose a city of interest for a more profound analysis of the environment of the object or a plot for a store

Choose a city of interest for a more profound analysis of the environment of the object or a plot for a store

Geointellect geoinformational system has been developed especially for analysts, valuation agents, investors, consultants, as well as for those who make decisions on designing a retail network city or developing a real estate property (shopping malls, mixed-use complexes, retail parks and so on).

Quick local online analysis in the area of certain territories of the city at the micro level: for example, obtaining information on population within a radius/area or a list of competitors in the area of a potential plot for opening of a store, a bank subsidiary, a filling station, a car wash, a pharmacy, a hypermarket, a trading center or other real estate objects.

Geointellect is a professional B2B-system that allows getting geomarketing information by Russian cities both in shared access mode and in advanced client access.

Density of retail property objects

The web site contains analytical functionality that allows getting information on the spot as well as sum it up by a territory (area) or a radius , save results of your work – maps and figures – in a report in PDF format just in few seconds .


Multi-million cities: Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Perm. By the end of 2011 we plan to implement 19 cities with population over 500 thous. citizens.


  • Location of trade objects (hypermarkets; discounters; trade centers, shopping malls; statistics of trade objects within the radius/area and so on);
  • Total space of trade objects within the radius;

    Population by blocks. 27 891 people live within the radius of 1 km from the object.

  • Density of stores in the given radius;
  • Availability of sales premises to population;
  • Business centers (location; distance to subway stations; storey factor; date of setting into operation; class; total space; leasable space; type of a parking and so on);
  • Points of interest, POI (medicine; restaurants and cafes; hotels; sport; banks; markets and so on);
  • Development of the territory and infrastructure (forecast of traffic flows for 2015 and 2025; availability of subway stations; development of the subway network up to 2025; renovation of blocks)
  • Consumer profile (population by sections, comparable to blocks; number of households; average daily car flow (traffic); average monthly salary and so on);
  • Information on residential property (Number of buildings been built in the period 2003-2008; Cost of a sq.m. of residential space on the primary market; Cost of a sq.m. of residential space on the secondary market and so on).

Forecast of car and passenger traffic on major highways of the city in the area of WSD and neighborhood roads. An index of the current car traffic on Nalichnaya Street amounts to 33 145 cars per day

Data in the system was received from various resources (public and private companies) under special Agreements; a substantial part of the data was collected by the Center for Spatial Research in the course of work on different projects for business and for the state.

GIS for analytics “Geointellct” is not only a product but also a platform working on paid and free basis. The platform allows putting interesting analytical information for other users-analysts on the web.We are looking for cooperation with analytical companies both as partners and Users of the system!

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  • Saadat Khan

    June 13th, 2011 on 4:15 pm

    Does Geointellect also has layers of information for Pakistan.Based on the introduction i believe that this can only benifit us if it has information layers such as geodemographic data for Pakistan. While the competition data can be added the data which is of concern is city boundaries, city population, location names and points, hotels, universities, airports, post offices etc.

    Do you have these details available.

    Saadat A Khan

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